You can see the location of each stand here.

Bread & Fred

Join Pan and Federico! A rage game where you will have to cooperate to jump and climb to the top of the mountain. You'll have to be very careful not to fall, and not to drag your penguin companion down... Can you and a friend make it all the way to the top?
Sand Castles Studio
Sand Castles is a small indie studio that aims to create fun and friendly games that the developers themselves want to play. With an eagerness to mix concepts and generate external narratives to the product itself.

Forgotten Fragments

Help Enid, Ryder and Dayen in their adventure to recover the lost fragments in this 2D puzzle-platformer. In this wonderful Pixel art adventure, you will have to use the power of the magic spheres to solve the more than 150 individual and cooperative levels contained in the game.
Binary Phoenix
Binary Phoenix is a small studio from Barcelona formed by Pol Monforte and Marc Pons. Our goal is to make games that everyone can enjoy and at the same time provide a little challenge for the players.

Resistance 204X

“Resistance 204X is a vibrant 2D fighting game for PC and mobile. Focused on speed, your mission is to knock out your opponent, run as fast as you can and triumph by crossing the finish line. While its intuitive design makes it easy to learn, the dynamic and fast-paced gameplay invites you to hone your reflexes and tactics, adding depth to the game. Get ready for a challenge that tests both your mental and physical agility, in an environment where every second and decision counts.
Yaga Studio GmbH
Created in 2024 by Katharina Weser, Julio Quiroz and Georg Neubert, YAGA STUDIO is the sister company of the award-winning REYNARD FILMS studio. It is a home for creatives from all over the world, focused on creating unique art games, film and XR experiences.

Camper Van: Make it Home

Camper Van: Make it Home is a camper van game in which you will embark on a journey of self-discovery as you decorate and create a space for all your belongings. This satisfying game invites you to create your own space by combining elements of block organization and interior design puzzle games. Decorate and organize all your belongings as you discover step by step what led our protagonist to embark on this journey.
Malapata Studio
Malapata Studio is an indie game studio based in Malaga. We are currently developing our first title Camper Van: Make it Home.

Size Zero

Size Zero is a horror game set in the mid-2000s about Nina, a teenager who goes shopping with her mother in a department store. After a strange series of events in a fitting room, Nina finds herself alone... missing her mother and her own clothes. You play as Nina as she tries to reunite with her mother and her belongings. Unfortunately for her, the search reveals more than she bargained for. This is a semi-autobiographical game based on the developer's experience with body image, self-esteem and her relationship with her mother.
Nina Freeman and Jake Jefferies
Nina Freeman and Jake Jefferies have been independent developers for over ten years. Together they have created many narrative games, including one of their most recent projects, Last Call, nominated for the Narrative Excellence Award at the 2022 Independent Games Festival. Their latest game is a horror game in development called Size Zero.

Pineapple: A Bittersweet Revenge

Pineapple: A Bittersweet Revenge combines humor with charming mini-games to tell a story about the peculiarities of bullying. A short interactive experience with a message that skillfully blends the simplicity of 'Florence', the playful irreverence of 'Mom Hid My Game' and the acidity of 'Papers, Please'.
Patrones Y Escondites S.L.
Patrones y Escondites is a small studio located in Barcelona, which is committed to creating artistically unique projects that tell a story and expand the vision of what video games can be, mixing game mechanics, narrative and careful design.


Bl0w-Up is a single player movement shooter for PC and console. Your goal is to crush your enemies using the weapons and resources at your disposal and reach the end of each level as fast as possible to get the best score. Each stage will provide you with more tools but also more challenges to overcome.
Half Sunk Games
Half Sunk Games is an independent studio with 4 years of experience. With a team of 10 people, we stand out for our versatility and multidisciplinary capacity. We have released 8 games and prototypes, including titles still in development such as Bl0w-Up and The Dream Observatory, demonstrating our resolution and adaptability in diverse projects.


PANIK is an isometric view puzzle game in which, through several levels, you must guide the different characters to reach the goal squares. To do this, you must make use of the unique movement mechanics of each character, plan your steps and keep in mind the most important rule: Do not enter panik!
ChumasGames is an independent studio formed solely by Xavi. Xavi has more than 7 years of experience with GameMaker, he has participated in multiple game jams and has done projects both personal and for clients. Mainly he has been a programmer but he is also in charge of design and pixel art.

Dinopunk: the Cacops adventure

Dinopunk: the Cacops adventure is a Jurassic dystopia in a world inhabited by dinosaurs. Join Cacops in his quest to recover an egg stolen by a cunning ninja. Use water as a source of power to defend yourself from your enemies and travel the world overcoming challenges. All this in an action-packed retro arcade style platformer with many references to 80's and 90's pop culture.
The Dude Games
The Dude Games is a one-man studio dedicated to making games with a retro style but adapting certain mechanics and graphical aspects to the current era. Driven by the passion to create challenging and fun gameplay experiences.

Gamers On

Association Of Gamers, Developers And Designers Of Videogames Of Cordoba. We will bring several demos of the projects made by the members of the association in different game jams.
Asociación Gamers On Córdoba
The Association of Gamers, Developers and Video Game Designers of Cordoba was born in 2019 as an initiative of a group of young people linked to the video game sector whose goal is to make visible its importance as an engine of economic and cultural development of Cordoba. Gamers ON promotes training initiatives, events and mentoring to help future professionals in the video game sector in Cordoba to get started in the key skills: 3D Design, Concept Art, Programming, Storytelling, Dubbing, Pixel Art.

Lethal Honor: Order of the Apocalypse

Lethal Honor: Order of the Apocalypse is a brutal, dark and challenging action-adventure roguelike with a dark and sinister atmosphere and hand-painted gothic graphic novel visual style. In a world on the brink of annihilation, the agents of Lethal Honor are the last line of defense protecting humanity from the demons that want to invade the world.
Viral Studios
Viral Studios is an innovative company with 8 years of experience specializing in the development of video games, virtual reality, augmented reality and serious games. Focused on custom projects for clients in any of the branches of game development, whether design, art, programming, validation or production of them.

Hellfire Poncho

You are Poncho Rodriguez, the most ruthless outlaw of the wild west, who after dying, has been condemned to kill all the demons of hell. A frenetic Rogue-lite Twin-stick shooter in the purest Nuclear Throne style, with pixelart isometric view and electro-western music.
Juegos Asados
Juegos Asados is a Madrid based studio born from the Complutense University of Madrid, after several academic projects and many Game Jams, they face the challenge of their first professional game. The studio specializes in 2D action games and cooperative party games.

Welcome to Empyreum

Welcome to Empyreum is a local cooperative party game for up to 4 players in which we must clean the floors of a hotel through tasks such as making the bed or vacuuming, and other more hilarious ones such as taking care of alien babies, escaping from ghosts or fumigating carnivorous plants. Welcome to Empyreum offers a party experience like no other, bringing the best of party games to a unique setting: a haunted hotel full of comical and implausible situations. Team coordination and communication are key to maintaining order and controlling the madness of this place.
Tapioca Games
We are a passionate Spanish videogame studio dedicated to creating warm, beautiful and lovable experiences. Our goal is to take players to vibrant and captivating worlds where they can immerse themselves, live exciting adventures and enjoy unforgettable moments.

Zen Garden

Embark on an experience of relaxation and creativity with Zen Garden, a logic game that transports you to the tranquility of a Japanese garden. Solve puzzles by creating your own gardens by arranging blocks and objects as you progress through a story of self-knowledge and reflection.
Ineko Games
At Ineko Games we create games that explore the magic of Japan and its culture with the sunny touch of Malaga, offering captivating experiences that allow you to explore other worlds.

Prelude: Dark Pain

PRELUDE DARK PAIN is a tactical RPG in a dark fantasy world. You control a group of heroes to save reality. There are 30 heroes with unique talents and abilities. Manage resources and heroes on and off the battlefield. External missions vary, from escorting heroes to diplomacy and espionage. Heroes have special abilities for these missions. Manage a settlement, expand your control and resources. The complex plot leads you to unravel a history of thousands of years. Your decisions affect the story. More than 20 villages, 8 playable species and more than 70 enemies in an exciting odyssey.
Quickfire Games SL
We are Quickfire Games, an independent game development studio based in Seville, Spain. Our focus is to create games that we enjoy, innovating with new mechanics to offer unique experiences. We founded two studios: Quickfire Games in 2020 and Black Tales Studio in 2021 for design and art. We will launch our first game in 2025, with yearly projects planned.

Ties: Soul Link

Ties is an emotional and brutal 2D Metroidvania, combining action RPG elements with adventure platformers. A thrilling story of resilience and overcoming fears. Explore incredible cities in a decaying world set in the year 2097, full of secrets and with a challenging and bloody gameplay.
North Tokyo
North Tokyo is an indie game studio from Málaga. We develop games that tell great stories, with the ambition to create the best indie games. We are gamers creating games for gamers.


Kronnect offers premium assets for Unity and Unreal, helping developers build better worlds with high-quality tools, functionality and support. Founded in 2015, the company has been nominated for Unity Awards and is recognized for innovation and excellence in development tools. With products used globally across multiple platforms, Kronnect drives the creativity and productivity of its users, maintaining a 100% focus on products that receive continuous feedback for improvement.
Kronnect is a Spanish company and a reference in the Unity Asset Store that offers premium assets for Unity driving innovation and efficiency in global game development.

Just in Crime

In Just in Crime you play Mr. Flurfels McGoodboy, a clever detective who in his many years as a dog has solved countless cases. But when at a birthday party one of the guests eats the whole cake on the sly, he will be forced to collaborate with Catarina; an apprentice sorceress who will allow him to travel back in time and check what everyone present was doing during the crime.
Gomet Games
Gomet Games is composed of 5 young enthusiasts of videogame creation. The team was formed during the Indie Spain Jam, becoming the winners of the “General” category. Afterwards, the team was born with the purpose of expanding, polishing and improving the game with which they won.

Candy Rangers

Single-player on-rails shooter with isometric perspective based on managing four characters at the same time. Fight against the clock in over 15 missions, achieve the highest score to unlock exclusive artwork and save the day in Candy Rangers, available soon on consoles and PC.
Freelancer dedicated to videogame design and development, illustration and 3D production.


It's simple. You have a button. Dreaded bosses to defeat - boom, wham, plof! Defeat your enemies and advance to victory and Galactic Fame, where fortune and space upgrades await!
Midnight Munchies
Midnight Munchies is a studio founded by Fer, Brin & Jonas with music produced by James. Based somewhere between Spain, Denmark and Slovenia, we make arcade games for the 21st century.


Farlands is a cozy farm game set in space where we will have to get on our ship to explore and traverse an entire solar system. We just bought an uninhabited rock in the middle of nowhere, and it will be our task to help the locals prevent the system from being destroyed.
L&V Media + JanduSoft
Farlands is being developed by JanduSoft, a Spanish publisher focused on porting in collaboration with Eric Rodriguez from L&V, content creator and designer of board games and video games.

Ereban: Shadow Legacy

Ereban: Shadow Legacy is a stealth and platform game with a strong narrative, in which you will be Ayana, the last descendant of a forgotten race that has the power to merge with shadows. Learn new mystical shadow powers, craft high-tech gadgets, and dodge or kill to infiltrate, uncover the truth about your past, and find the key to saving a dying and morally gray universe.
Baby Robot Games
Baby Robot Games is a young spanish indie studio. Passionate about videogames since we were kids, we want to give back what this industry gave us. Our goal is to create highly enjoyable experiences with original mechanics, powerful visuals and compelling stories. We are currently working on our first title, Ereban: Shadow Legacy.

Towny Bar

Towny Bar opens its doors! Discover an Idle Management Game full of surprises. Take the reins of an old abandoned bar and improve and expand it to the delight of the inhabitants of Towny Town. During the story you will meet some of your neighbors, who will gladly help you in your hard tasks. Grow ingredients in your garden, craft drinks in your cellar, run your own arcade, unlock special abilities and discover forgotten mysteries, but above all, serve as many drinks as you can!
Siurell Games
Siurell Games is the pseudonym of Joan Bonet, a software engineer by profession and amateur independent videogame developer.

Tales from Candleforth

Tales from Candleforth is a 2D hand-drawn point&click adventure game, with a folk horror setting and escape room and puzzle mechanics. It tells the folk tales of Candleforth, but the book that contains them is revealing a dark secret mixing the real world with nightmares.
Under the Bed Game
Under The Bed Games is an independent studio originally from Malaga that is focused on creating narratives with a great importance on aesthetics. Their specialty is exploring horror or mystery genres from a different point of view.

Revista Manual

Cultural magazine about videogames focused on interviews in the videogame industry.


Make your way through amazing adventures in this 3D multiplayer platformer! Explore, jump, compete, fight against other players and have fun your way, alone or with friends - a lot of uniquely designed worlds are waiting for you!
GGTech Studios
We are a video game development division within GGTech with more than 50 professionals, as a team we are specialized in technical development, we seek to offer innovative gameplay and multiplayer social experiences.

Doors & Loot

Doors & Loot is a cozy dungeon crawler game.
Scalions Studios
A studio formed by 2 people and self-financed. We work in our spare time.

Revista LOOP

LOOP is an ambitious independent editorial project dedicated to the videogame as a cultural artifact, which seeks to create a dialogue with other disciplines and humanize the development of videogames, giving voice to its protagonists. With a biannual and timeless character, LOOP is a videogame magazine, the result of the work of a talented and large team of editors and artists that combines experience, freshness and fervor for the medium. LOOP is, above all, love for videogames.
Editorial GameReport
Editorial GameReport arises after seven years editing monographs related to the world of video games, both physical and digital, during which we managed to be recognized as the best magazine on paper in the awards granted by the Spanish developers, Indie Burger Press Awards of 2019.

Wax Heads

Row, spin those tracks and rec-recommend records in Wax Heads: an endearing and cozy narrative puzzle game about working in a record store.Play as the new hire at Repeater Records, a famous store known for ALWAYS recommending the perfect LP to every customer. Chat with an eclectic cast of customers, from loud punks to mellow ambient enthusiasts, and solve their musical requests by studying a myriad of fantastic records. Fall in love with your co-workers and join their mission to save the store from ruthless real estate developers. Immerse yourself completely in a new, handcrafted world of breathing, pulsating music.
Patattie Games
Patattie games is the powerhouse punk duo of programming wizard Rothio Tomé and professional doodler Murray Somerwolff. Stemming from a shared affinity for games that show empathy, surprise and endearing gameplay, Patattie Games is committed to making games that win hearts and inspire smiles.

Morkull Ragast's Rage

A 2D video game that combines platforms and action with touches of exploration. We control Morkull, God of death and darkness and lord of the Ragast, whose main mechanics lies in breaking the fourth wall, which will allow Morkull to communicate with you in various ways.
Disaster Games
Disaster Games is a videogame studio founded in 2023, located in Zaragoza, Spain and formed by a group of young developers currently working on Morkull Ragast's Rage.


A bizarre and decadent action-adventure narrative experience where a jellyfish faces a marital crisis with alcohol, drugs, sex, hostages and a lot of crazy people. You'll be able to screw up in more than 10 scenarios; survive grotesque bosses (or try to, at least); have fun with absurd mini-games (drunken tournaments, aiming, sex, roguelike dungeons with a bionic tick...); ...and travel through two-headed potator worms!
Hungry Pixel
Andalusian-Galician-Catalan studio currently developing its first game: NetherWorld. It is formed by Dan Barreno (Programming), Álex Fariña (Art), Albert Serra (Narrative Design, Script, Communication), Xavi Farré (Boss Programming) and David Lleida (Programming Support). It also has a headquarters in a garage in Pennsylvania thanks to the American studio Rogue Sonics (OST/SFX).

Bubble Ghost Remake

Guide a little ghost and his bubble through an enchanted castle full of dangers and challenges in this incredible remake of the popular classic “Bubble Ghost”. Over 40 levels that mix skill with clever puzzles and fierce bosses will keep you hooked for hours.
Videogame development studio and interactive experiences. We have a team of developers, designers and artists enthusiastic about video games with extensive experience in the industry.

Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?

Since time immemorial there has been a question that has left the brightest minds sleepless: Why did the chicken cross the road? To find out you'll have to immerse yourself in this Roguelike + Bullet Hell action game in which you'll control different chickens, each with their own abilities and weapons, to escape the oppression they are subjected to and search for answers beyond the confines of their farm. But beware! Because if there's one thing the chickens have plenty of, it's predators, and they've also learned to use weapons...
Guateque Games
In Guateque Games we seek to make Triple-I games (Incredible Indies InMyOpinion) always based on a maxim law: “Games are supposed to be fun”.

Baking Memories

Starting a business is never a piece of cake, and in Villa Torrija it couldn't be any less! Through narrative and multiple culinary mini-games, you will accompany Coco, a pastry chef who returns to the unique Villa Torrija after spending a long time away. As you spruce up the shop, you'll serve old and new Torrija customers, bake spectacular sweets and discover Coco's story and the reason for her return. Baking Memories is Team Noniná's first project; a casual experience that seeks to treasure old memories while creating and sharing new ones. We hope you like it, enjoy!
Team Noniná
Team Noniná, created at the end of 2023, is formed by a group of Andalusian friends who are currently working on their first game: Baking Memories, a casual experience that combines narrative and mini-games in the peculiar Villa Torrija.


Novelingo's interactive visual novels are more than text and images, they are also feeling, music and play when they approach flamenco. With this project the promotion of flamenco takes a step forward to reach new audiences in new ways. Novelingo offers with Flamenco! a new tool to make better known the cultural and festive treasure that is flamenco. The user will discover its history by talking to some of its most important protagonists, will play with its art and its palos by solving different musical challenges and will be able to start a journey that will take him/her to the main flamenco corners of Spain.
We believe in stories. We believe in games. We create Serious Games. Novelingo is a startup from Malaga with innovative solutions for training. You can play with some of our creations both on iOS and Android.

Mind of War

Immerse yourself in an epic fantasy world with Mind of War, an exciting turn-based strategy game! Collect cards to unlock and upgrade your units and their abilities. Lead your army in strategic battles against diverse opponents. Prove your cunning in this challenging game, taking control of different races that will offer you, as a player, the opportunity to explore different strategies and tactics to face your opponents.
Pi Video Games
We are a small videogame development studio born in the province of Malaga, our specialty and passion are strategy, management, puzzle and role-playing games. We are focused on creating immersive player experiences with attractive and original products based on these genres.


Regenesis is a tactical RPG that offers dynamic 2D tile-based combat governed by a timeline. The game's aesthetic is pixel art and consists of 2D characters and 3D environments. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where the fauna and flora have mutated, becoming lethal. Isak, Kaeo and Ola are the main characters, a group of hunters who face these creatures to survive. Control the group in battles to obtain resources, improve equipment and defeat giant monsters.
Klopsy is made up of a group of university graduates from U-TAD.

Nose: Breathing rebellion

Hate generating factories. Televisions broadcasting negative propaganda. Pipes that gas homes. And a haughty and very masculine villain in control. Would you want to live there? I do not know. No… Nose is our protagonist. A nose that wants to escape from an evil body that does not represent it. Will you be able to guide him to freedom? Welcome to “Nose: Breathing Rebellion”, a future dystopia. Or past...
Feeel is an indie video game studio located in Polo Nacional De Contenidos Digitales. We love telling stories allowing interaction on the part of the player. Actively participate in our film and participate in our emotions.

Battlecore Robots

Immerse yourself in the action of Battlecore Robots! Customize your own robot and unleash excitement with swords, bombs and a wide variety of weapons in frenetic battles. Compete locally with up to 4 players in a vibrant world of unique challenges. Do you have what it takes to dominate the arena and become the ultimate champion?
Yellowfall Games
We are Yellowfall Games, a passionate team dedicated to creating exciting, adrenaline-filled games. We love offering unique experiences that captivate you for hours. Get ready to challenge your limits!

Evolution: From the little light

A small creature is born in the depths of the ocean, beginning its journey for survival in a ruthless world where cruel struggle between species reigns. Embark on a 2D adventure full of exploration and puzzles, where you will navigate an intricate web of existence, making crucial decisions, facing dangers and discovering the hidden secrets of evolution.
Mysterious Hat
Mysterious Hat is an indie video game studio based in Spain, made up of a team of seven people. His first video game is "Evolution: From the little light".


Fight the worst criminals in a series of turn-based battles determined by the speed of your cards. Battle your way through this deck-building roguelike with real-time mechanics, and save the city from the Vegangsters!
Poison Pill Games
A studio from Barcelona, with six members in the team, we are working on Vegangsters and looking for a Publisher. We are not looking for financing, just porting, localizing and distributing the game on the market. After a year of events (Dreamhack, IDD, EGS, GDC) and giving talks in Barcelona, we want to continue making ourselves known in the indie industry.

Crawlers Adventures

Cooperative ARPG-Lite dungeon crawling game based on the greatest role-playing game of all time with different classes and adventures to play.
GGTech Studios
We are a video game development division within GGTech with more than 50 professionals. As a team we are specialized in technical development, we seek to offer innovative gameplay and multiplayer social experiences.

Minigolf Champs

Mobile party royale golf game where players compete in different, increasingly exciting rounds until one person emerges victorious.
GGTech Studios y Viva Games
We are a video game development division within GGTech with more than 50 professionals. As a team we are specialized in technical development, we seek to offer innovative gameplay and multiplayer social experiences.

Temtem: Swarm

Will you survive the swarm? Unlock skills and upgrades, find and capture Temtem to evolve and strengthen, discover powerful strategies and fight big bosses in this bullet heaven. Play alone or discover new synergies in online co-op for up to 3 players.
GGTech Studios y Crema
We are a video game development division within GGTech with more than 50 professionals. As a team we are specialized in technical development, we seek to offer innovative gameplay and multiplayer social experiences.

Fallings Stars...and other celestial objects

Falling Stars is a puzzle-building game where players design a city's defense system to protect it from meteorites and stars falling from the sky. Each level the player will have limited resources to face new challenges.
From The Moon
Collective of lunatics on the mission of making fun independent video games that encourage player creativity.


Discover the landscape and cultural heritage of Spain in this cozy 3D puzzle game. Each province is a puzzle in which art, territory and history come to life. Unlock historical monuments that you can use in sandbox mode, with procedural missions to boost your creativity.
Videojuegos Sin Fronteras
Video Games Without Borders is a non-profit association and a global community of people who develop and research digital games with social, cultural, environmental impact and in defense of human rights.

Mycelium Heaven

"It's a cozy but challenging puzzle game about a zombie-eating fungus. You'll spread, grow, and make your way through the forest using your wits and logic. 🍄Simple base mechanics🍄: + You have 3 units of energy to perform 3 actions, spread, bloom or consume. + Interesting challenges will emerge from these simple rules! 🌲Variety is the joy!🌲: + 4 worlds inspired by the seasons. + New environments, mechanics and ways to kill all the zombies will appear in all of them. 🧟Go in fully🧟: + No shortcuts! Just you, your ingenuity and creativity."
Mycelium Heaven
3DGoblinDev is the artistic name of Lorena Cáceres, a young videogame developer who is eager to take the projects she has in her head to the world.

Chromatic Memories

Chromatic Memories is a visual novel about grief, memory, and acceptance. Nayara is a painter of memories: she can delve into the minds of her clients to change or even erase their memories, all through painting. One day she realizes that she has altered her own memory. What was so painful or unbearable that she wanted to forget it forever?
Perla Oculta
Perla Oculta is a small development studio, whose members are spread across different parts of Spain, and with the firm purpose of creating video games that convey a story beyond what their own mechanics show.


Take care of your kittens, decorate their space, play with them... It all revolves around kittens! The ultimate cat experience awaits you!
Perita Gamedev
Perita Gamedev is an indie video game company from Malaga that aspires to create content so that everyone can relax while playing.

A Tiny Eternity

A short game about killing and dying. A Tiny Eternity is an intense twin-stick melee game where you must fight in arenas full of enemies blinded by your desire to exterminate
Jordi Milian Yamada
2D artist who got tired of looking for programmers and learned Unity

OVRDARK: A Do Not Open Story

"OVRDARK" is the sequel to the acclaimed game "DO NOT OPEN", taking the series to new horrors and challenges in the world of virtual reality. Play George Foster, an intrepid investigator and partner of Mike Goreng, who ventures into the mansion after the shocking events of the first game.
Noxnoctis Games (Unreality SL)
NoxNoctisGames is a video game studio based in Valencia. It has been awarded various awards and recognitions: finalist in the PlayStationTalents GamesCamp program and "XR/Tech" award in the IndieGames Málaga 2021 competition. Horror game enthusiasts, and we seek to go a step further and explore new dimensions.


🧹🤖 Play as vacuum robots in epic battles armed with sharp objects and balloons. Fight to be the last survivor, using power ups and winning mini-games. Use your best strategies in confrontations of up to 6 players. 💥🎮
Dust Games
Dust Games is a video game studio formed by four young developers with one mission: to create fun games for all audiences. We offer gaming experiences that aim for players to have a fun time and disconnect from their daily routines. Currently, we are incubated in the GameBCN 9 program.

Emery Hearts

Emery Hearts is an action JRPG with voxel art aesthetics, inspired by the great classics of the genre released in the 90s. The game offers us a great story enriched by dynamic and demanding combat. Make your way through its different locations solving puzzles and facing all types of enemies and final bosses against whom you must use different weapons, special abilities and magic to defeat them.
Indie Dev Hell
Indie Dev Hell is a small studio founded in 2023 by a single developer with a passion for classic action RPGs. The studio is based in Ponferrada (León).

The Great Farce

The Great Farce is a non-linear mystery Point and Click game, with investigation and free response systems, and time management. After the assassination of Ulises García, the first president of a young democracy, Claudia, a journalist in mourning, will have to navigate the secrets and fictions that sustain the political hell, the offspring of a long dictatorship, that consumes her country. She thus places, on her shoulders, the responsibility of revealing, once and for all, the Big Lie.
Auxilio Games
Auxilio Games is a video game studio made up of students, located in Madrid. We like to tell stories from a personal lens, focused on narratives that question the status quo, with a queer perspective.

The Season of the Warlock

The Season of the Warlock is a whimsical adventure inspired by the gothic tale tradition, with two stories to choose from. The soul of an ancient sorcerer, trapped in a painting, will make Lord Alistair Ainsworth an offer he cannot refuse. Or if? It's your decision...
enComplot is a two-person independent studio dedicated to graphic adventures.

An Artist's Life

"An Artist's Life is a narrative game with light platforming mechanics and mini-games in which the player must explore the inner world of Álex, a frustrated artist in search of inspiration. These feelings lead to “his entrance to his world of ideas,” a place full of artistic references to his greatest idols, where he pretends to walk a path similar to theirs. "This game deals with important topics such as impostor syndrome or excessive self-demand and tries to make the player understand the importance of finding one's own destiny and rhythm."
Alpargata Studio
Alpargata Studio, arises from the union of three people, Margarita, Adrián, and Andrés; whose love of video games led them to join their professional paths. They know each other thanks to the Specialization Course in Video Game Development taught at the Polo, and their participation in events such as the Málaga Jam.


Association dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of the independent video game industry

Death By Misstep

Death By Misstep is a first-person rhythm horror and stealth game that takes place on a futuristic cruise ship, where a violent massacre is occurring at the hands of the robots that manage the boat. Help Jessi escape from the cruise ship! To survive Jessi must explore and perform different actions to the rhythm of the music to avoid being heard by the robots and thus go unnoticed. Can you keep up and survive?
Misstep Studio
Misstep Studio is a young team with a project that originated in the first promotion of the Level Up [Game Dev Hub] pre-incubation program in Barcelona, Spain. Currently, it has the support of AWS (Amazon) in terms of resources.

Deep Ancient Light

Robert Bayonne is a speleologist from the late 19th century, whose father told him stories of adventure and old local legends. For most of his life, his father was obsessed with strange tales that told of a superior being who would save them from famine and disease, buried deep in the mountains. After his father dies, the speleologist carries out multiple expeditions in search of his location. When he finally finds the place, an avalanche separates him from his group and isolates him from the outside. A strange beast breaks into the deep silence that surrounds those caves, so he must hide and flee from the beast that is chasing him while looking for a way out.
Rotten Maze
Rotten Maze Games is a studio made up of 5 members who love the horror genre, seeking to challenge the imagination, fusing captivating narratives with an immersive and terrifying gaming experience through Virtual Reality.

Sun & Shadow: Skywolves

In this captivating adventure, each player takes the role of one of the wolf brothers, merging their destinies to overcome the challenges that arise in each level. Collaboration is essential, as they must join forces to overcome cleverly posed obstacles. They masterfully manipulate the duality between light and shadow, strategically placing and removing obstacles, and using ingenious mechanisms they make their way to their destination. In this game, timing and cunning are key, weaving a bond between the two that strengthens with each challenge overcome.
TallGrass is a team of six video game lovers who create unique and immersive experiences. Discover exciting worlds and live the stories hidden in the tall grass


In Somnium, a world condemned to an endless cycle of death, Aiko, a Kyao created by "The Order", encounters a puppet that will take her towards the worst of futures: her own past.
ACE is a 23-year-old person, originally from Barcelona, who is currently independently developing the video game AIKODE

Chess Revolution

Chess Revolution is chess like you've never played where the pawns take revenge after centuries of exploitation. It is a turn-based strategy game that innovates on the rules of chess and gives it a narrative taken from the worlds of FromSoftware. Dark, evocative aesthetic mixed with 2D hand-drawn art and animations. Somber and decadent atmosphere around a tragic story full of sacrifices.
The Traveler Games
We are an independent video game studio made up of a team of professionals who create unique titles. We create games that want players to feel at home in a world that doesn't always accept them. We tell stories that players will want to revisit in the future.

Die In The Dungeon

Each die represents different actions, from basic ones such as attacking or defending, to more complex ones such as upgrading nearby dice or copying their abilities. Place your dice on the board to use their powers, but be careful...position is important! The way they are placed will determine their effectiveness during the turn. Find the best combination while upgrading your deck and getting new, more powerful dice with unique abilities. Will you manage to reach the deepest part of the dungeon?


Welcome to the farm, where the sun is warm, the grass is green and the horses are waiting for you. But as the sun sets, and shadows creep across the land, the tranquility fades, and the façade of the farm begins to crumble. In this enigmatic first-person adventure, you will take on the role of a summer worker, responsible for taking care of the farm and its animals. Guided by the cryptic rules of a mysterious farmer, you will decide whether to follow the safe path or let curiosity lead you to the hidden depths of the farm...
Santa Ragione (Italy)
Santa Ragione is an Italian game design studio founded by Pietro Righi Riva and Nicolò Tedeschi in 2010, creators of FOTONICA, MirrorMoon EP, Wheels of Aurelia and Saturnalia. Santa Ragione games focus on eliciting a visceral response from the player, whether through the desolate landscapes of MirrorMoon EP, the uncompromising, vertigo-inducing speeds of FOTONICA, or the controversial politics of Wheels of Aurelia...


An adventure about childhood and the magic of soccer in Quito, Ecuador, in 2001.
Julián Cordero, Sebastián Valbuena (Mexico)
Julián Cordero is a game designer born and raised in Quito (Ecuador) and based in New York. When he began toying with the idea of making a game about his experiences with soccer growing up, he approached Sebastián Valbuena, a Quito-based animator and musician. Together, they set out to make a game that captured the culture and atmosphere of the city as honestly as possible. The team has grown over the years, with the addition of Gabe Cuzzillo as producer to help solidify the vision for the project, and Ian Berman and Niall Tessier-Lavigne helping with sound design and programming.

The Cabbage Effect

The Cabbage Effect is a cartoon-pop-surreal twin-stick shooter with procedurally generated stages that take place in an apocalyptic narrative. The game shows that planet Earth has been invaded by complex and strange creatures and, during the attack, the planet is safeguarded by a small team using their vehicles and gadgets.
Ninja Garage (Brasil)
Ninja Garage is run by a Brazilian duo: Dinart Filho and Rafaella Ryon, who together create 2D/3D illustrations, animation and games. Dinart has been working as a 3D modeler, 3D animator, graphic designer, visual effects designer and music composer since 2002, and as a programmer and game developer since 2010. Rafaella has worked as an illustrator, concept artist, 2D animator, character designer and 3D artist for advertising, editorials, short films, comics, educational books, card games and video games since 2001. After many years of savings, testing mechanics and narrative concepts, the studio can finally launch its first commercial title: The Cabbage Effect


Beeswax Games (Belgium, South Korea, Germany)
Beeswax Games is a development studio based in Belgium. The team consists of developers Adam Pype and Tibau van den Broeck, and sound designer Viktor Kraus.

1921, México. A Deep Slumber.

Mexico, 1921. A deep dream is an intriguing narrative adventure in which you will try to solve a centuries-old mystery: who planned the assassination of President Álvaro Obregón? You play as Juan Aguirre, a photojournalist who will interview and photograph subjects, collect historical data, and report the news that will shape the history of Mexico. Join Juan in post-revolutionary Mexico City to discover why Mexico is no place for weaklings. Developed together with the National Newspaper Archive and the Museum of Popular Arts, this game will be an interactive archive of post-revolutionary Mexican history.
Mácula Interactive (Mexico)
We are a group of colleagues, friends, fans of our own history and culture. We have different profiles that range from cultural management, history, cinema,

The Dungeon Experience

Visit The Dungeon Experience! An exciting high fantasy world run by me, a level 1 mud crab turned entrepreneur. Put your real-world responsibilities on hold with a guided, first-person adventure to financial freedom and the secrets of the mental hole.
Jacob Janerka, Simon Boxer, Bone Assembly (Australia)
The Bone Assembly was formed as a team when we realized we had something in common: we all had bones inside us. As good a reason as any. Throughout the development of Dungeon Experience we recruit more people and, therefore, more bones. Our goal is to have the highest quality bones in the gaming industry. Today, most of our bones are in Melbourne, although some are in Japan.