Invited guests

Daniel Mullins

Indie Game Dev
Daniel Mullins has developed industry top/famous games such as Inscryption, Pony Island and The Hex. He is currently working on the acclaimed sequel Pony Island 2.

Freya Holmèr

Independent tech artist & educator
A leading technical artist in her field who has created indispensable plugins for development such as Shaderforge and Shapes. She streams mathematics on Twitch.

Marta Trivi

Cultural Journalist
Marta Trivi is one of the Spain’s most renowned cultural journalists in the field of videogames. Her work appears in Anait Games, Chiclana & Friends and other media.

Leigh Alexander

Narrative designer, speaker, writer and journalist
Narrative designer and writer who has worked on titles such as Reigns: Her Majesty, Reigns: Game of Thrones and NeoCab. Her work has been nominated for several awards.

Nina Freeman

Game Designer
Nina Freeman has developed games such as Cibele, how do you Do It? and Last Call, as well as working at Fullbright as a level designer for the development of Tacoma.

Daniel Benmergui

Creator of Storyteller
Daniel Benmergui is an independent game designer from Buenos Aires, Argentina, known for creating artistic games such as Today I Die, I Wish I Were the Moon and Storyteller.

Tamyris Seno

Content Manager & Product Lead at Chucklefish
Tammy works in London in publishing and marketing at Chucklefish and is a veteran who previously worked at Riot Games Brazil.

Stuffed Wombat (Josh)

Freelance developer and experimental game designer
Josh has worked on independent and experimental titles such as the recently released Mosa Lina as well as Producer 2021 or qomp, among others.

Mariona Valls

Art director and co-founder of Mango Protocol
At the helm of Mango Protocol, Mariona Valls has developed the Psychotic Adventures series of videogames, including the recently launched CLeM.

Albert Valo

QC Dev Tester at Ubisoft Barcelona
Formerly a programmer, Albert started in the gaming world as a QA at King, where he developed a passion for this profession and today promotes it as much as he can. He has been involved in multiple mobile titles such as Candy Crush and is currently working on improving the quality of Ubisoft's tactical shooter Rainbow 6 Siege.

Judit Tur

EU Spanish games localization (translator & LQA tester)
A freelancer almost since she started in the gamedev industry, Judit has made a name for herself as one of the most prolific translators in the country. She has been involved in sagas such as Pokémon, The Witcher and Assassins' Creed, or the recently awarded Baldur's Gate III, The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood and Hi-Fi Rush.

Rafael Muñoz

Freelance Tools Engineer
After being part of the development team at Tuenti, he soon established himself as a freelance in the industry. He has worked on sagas such as FIFA or F1 for companies such as CodeMaster. His experience as a tool programmer has led him to a taste for improving team processes and striving to make people work happily.

Anisa Sanusi

Freelance UI/UX designer and consultant and founder of Limit Break Mentorship
Anisa has worked as a Ui/UX designer on titles such as Rollerdrome which won the BAFTA for Best British videogame and is also the founder of the mentorship programme Limit Break Mentorship.

Jose Escribano

Principal AI Engineer
Jose is an industry veteran who has worked at places like Crytek and Guerrilla. He focuses on building proprietary software that fosters team creativity rather than stifling it.

Marina Amores

Journalist and Communicator specialising in videogames
Journalist and communicator specialising in video games, recognised for having worked in media such as Eurogamer, PlayGround, EDGE Spain and Mundo Deportivo. Main organiser of Gaming Ladies and author of books such as ¡Protesto! and Play Like a Girl. She directed Nerfeadas, a documentary series about sexism in videogames.

Isi Cano

Video game development, multimedia design and robotics teacher
Isi Cano has developed an outstanding task in the application of video games in the classroom with projects such as the renowned Baba is Cool.

Victoria Vera

Game designer en Maxis
Victoria Vera works on a title as well known as EA's The Sims 4. She previously worked on Rainbow Six Siege and Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time.


Malaga studio
Founders of Campero Games, one of the leading video game studios in Malaga and pioneers in the wave of games developed for smartphones.

Carlos Yusim

Sound & Music Designer
Carlos has cemented a long career in music and sound for video games, participating in internationally renowned titles such as FarCry or Splinter Cell at Ubisoft or other companies such as Riot.

Casilda de Zulueta

Senior Technical Artist/Animator
Casilda de Zulueta is a technical artist, freelance animator and freelance developer based in Germany with more than 8 years of experience in the industry. She does not separate theory from praxis, nor technique from artistic expression. She loves the horror genre and optimised graphics.


Freelance composer, producer and dubbing artist
Aquiles is an independent gamedev who has been behind the scenes of Friends vs Friends, Juan Lumbreras, and Mírame. Much of his didactic effort is to uncover the lack of attention given to sound in the eyes of the rest of the industry.

Paco Juan

Animation Tech Programmer
From Indie to AAA, Paco has become familiar with many of the more technical parts of gamedev. His experience has led him to his current position at IO Interactive, working on the animation technology and in-house engine tools for the upcoming James Bond game.

Ariadna Vilasó

Video game developer and communicator
Lending a hand in FemDevs and wherever they let her, Ari also collaborates in El Batallón Pluto and Anait Games. She is part of the organization of the Sant Jordi Jam.

Alberto Rico

Technical artist and designer
Prolific indie. He was part of Campero Games and has also worked at The Game Kitchen. He was co-founder of Málaga Jam, and is one of the promoters of CSVI.


Musician and sound designer
Magape_pianist is a pianist and composer from Málaga. You can find her on social networks for her covers and compositions of video games or on twitch playing live. If you want to have a good time and listen to good music, you can't miss her concert!


Devolver Digital

Devolver Digital is one of the most popular publishers specialized in independent videogames in the world. They have published titles such as Hotline Miami, GRIS, Loop Hero or Return to Monkey Island, among others.

Astra Games

Astra Games is a publisher specializing in puzzle, creative solving and logic games.

Raw Fury

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Raw Fury is a publisher of indie games that has distributed Spanish titles such as Friends vs Friends, American Arcadia or Call of the Sea and international titles such as NORCO or Dome Keeper, to name a few.


JanduSoft is a publishing and porting company based in Spain with more than 12 years of experience.

Entalto Studios

Entalto is a Spanish studio based in Zaragoza that in addition to developing, they also act as publishers.


Since 2011 they have developed games such as Starbound, Wargroove and Witchbrook, as well as participating in publishing games such as Stardew Valley and Eastward, among others.

Team 17

After 31 years in the industry they have published iconic games such as Overcooked!, The Escapist, Blasphemous, Moving Out and many others.


After working in the audiovisual industry for more than 20 years, where he has been responsible for major releases both in cinema and on DVD and BD such as DragonBall Super Broly, your name, Caballeros del Zodíaco or A 47 metros, Javi Puertas is, since its recent creation, in charge of managing SelectaVisión's publishing and distribution label, Selectaplay.


Prismatika defines itself as a boutique game publisher and that is just the experience they try to provide to the independent studios they work with. Among their published games you can find Station to Station or Desktop Dungeons Rewind.



Non-profit association in Malaga that to promote the video game scene nationwide. About 20 volunteers who contribute in their free time to make events and meetings that serve as a meeting point for people passionate about video game development.


IndieDevDay is an initiative driven by independent developers, which was born with the aim of helping to vindicate and disseminate the work of independent video game developers.


FemDevs is a non-profit association that aims, among other things, to promote the interest, participation and presence of women in the videogame development culture.

Videojuegos Sin Fronteras

Video Games Without Borders is a non-profit organization and a global community of people who believe in digital games as a powerful tool to improve the world.


GamersON is an association born in Cordoba in 2019, as an initiative of a group of young people linked to the video game sector. Its objective is to make visible its importance as an engine of economic and cultural development of Córdoba.


CSVI is the Coordinadora Sindical del VIdeojuego. Its goal, among many other things, is to achieve more rights and better working conditions for all videogame developers.


DEV represents the interests of companies and entities committed to the development of this sector and aims to advocate for its institutional recognition as a strategic, highly technological sector, engine of new business models, generator of employment and international exponent of our culture.


La Asociación Española de Videojuegos (AEVI) es la organización sectorial que representa a toda la cadena de producción (desarrolladores, publishers, retailers, accesorios) de la industria de los videojuegos y a los eSports en España.